Copywriting Services

Words aren’t everything; except for when they are. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but why use a thousand words, when twenty will do? That’s what good copy writing is; hell that’s what good writing is. Putting a red pen through three words and finding the right one that says everything you need.

We can start from the beginning, and I can create text that will communicate what’s on the tip of your tongue – those words that you just can’t find. Or, give me what you have and I can intervene and find the right words.

Previous clients include:

Gelista Premium Gelati – Packaging copy
Kosmea Rose Hip Oil – Advertorial
Pesaturo PTY LTD Builders – Web text
Traffic Creative Web Design – Web text
K & A Entertainment – Web text

Creative Copy
From advertorials, website text, and product packaging I can come up with some words that will grab your reader’s attention.

Proofreading and Editing
From pages of web text to large reports, a second look over the text can be crucial in ironing out all those pesky little issues.

Textual Intervention
It’s time we sat down with your text, and said some hard truths; it might not be saying exactly what you want it to say. I can have a read, we can have a chat and I’ll take what you’ve got and do some grammatical renovations. It’s like The Block but for your sentences.

For more information or quote contact me below:

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