About Andrew


Andrew Natale is a thirty something writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. A Creative Writing student at the University of South Australia and emerging author, Andrew spends most of his time wrestling with sentences until they’re too weak to fight anymore. When he’s not attempting to play football on weekends, he can be found appreciating Adelaide’s finest coffee places, and of course, Instagraming about it.

Andrew’s journey as a writer started in 2011 when his first short story “Just Louise” was published by the University of South Australia. This story, along with a collection of other short stories, was included in his first self publishing project, The Invincible Summer.

Andrew’s next writing project, AJ Does USA detailing his journey across the US of A was published as an eBook in 2014. Andrew is currently working on his first novel, Fade to Black due for release in 2017.

If you have any questions, want to hang out over coffee, or just have an idea for a post then send Andrew a message below or email andrewjnat (at) adam (dot) com (dot) au For more information about Andrew’s writing see the CREATIVE WRITING page. Andrew Speaks Easy is updated every Thursday so be sure to check back in. 

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