AJ Does USA – eBook coming soon…

Traveling alone is a unique experience and one I had coveted for a long time. Finally, after months of planning and thousands of dollars later, I found myself boarding my first ever international flight.

Many people I met commented on how “ballsie” or “brave” it was to travel alone on my first overseas trip. However, it’s not as though I was traveling halfway across the world to a third world country. The United States is an incredible country and very easy to navigate.

For all the American rhetoric we get through various forms of media, there is something to be said about a country that sells three different sizes of large when ordering food; a country that attracts so many international visitors but is still surprised when they hear a foreign accent; a country with a city like Las Vegas where you can walk fifty metres and be given both a handful of hooker cards and ‘Jesus loves you’ pamphlets – if only the hookers would love you too. A country that is so proud of it’s freedom, and honours those who fought for it, yet still has homeless war veterans begging for spare one-dollar bills.

I guess you could call this a journal of sorts; a way in which I can keep these memories firmly in my mind until I get a chance to return. While these are not the entirety of my experiences or observations, they are however, the ones I feel comfortable sharing.

So sit back, put your feet on something, grab a drink and journey with me across the seas…you get all the good bits, minus the 22 hour flight.




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