About Andrew

Andrew Natale is writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. A creative writing student at the University of South Australia and emerging author, Andrew spends most of his time wrestling with sentences until they’re too weak to fight anymore.

His journey as a writer began in 2011 when his first short story Just Louise was published by the University of South Australia. This story, along with a collection of other short stories, was included in his first self-publishing project, a collection of short stories called, The Invincible Summer.

Andrew’s next writing project AJ Does USA details his three week trip in the United States and was published as an eBook in 2014.

Since 2014, Andrew has been honing his craft and in 2018 completed the first draft of his first novel, Jolene, a fictional re-telling of Dolly Parton’s 1974 classic, Jolene. Still in production, this is due for release in 2021/22.

Andrew is currently working on his second novel, The Last of the Blooms due to be self-published as his debut novel in 2021.

Andrew works as a Senior Communications Adviser for the South Australian Government, and lives in Adelaide with his two teenage children.

He can be contacted at the comments below or my emailing andrewjnat@adam.com.au

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